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Hipporoo® 5-in-1 Baby Carrier

Just Launched!

The Hipporoo® 5-in-1 Baby Carrier was designed by parents for parents with fussy babies who may not like being carried in a full baby carrier. It provides superior back support and relieves neck and shoulder strain.

Mom feeding with a baby carrier.

The 5 functionalities adapt perfectly to your growing baby


#1 Hip Seat as Feeding Support on the Side (0 - 3 months)

#2 Hip Seat as Feeding Support in the Front (0 - 6 months)



#3 Hip Seat facing Inward (6 - 36 months)

#4 Hip Seat facing Outward (6 - 36 months)

#5 Hip Seat on the Side (6 - 24 months)

Mom carrying toddler on hip.