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Keep Calm and Carry On

As a small built mom to a big baby boy, I scoured the internet for something that would allow me to continue to carry my ever growing bundle of joy. To give you an idea... at 8 months, he weighed a whopping 10 kgs - a fifth of my weight - and my neck, back and shoulders were seriously taking strain.

Wraps and baby carriers were out of the question: he no longer wanted to be constricted and was thoroughly enjoying his new found freedom of grasping everything his little hands could hold.

And then it hit me: what about a baby seat that I could strap on like an old fashioned moon bag to evenly distribute his weight? I finally found it, but it was unfortunately not available to purchase in South Africa and I was not going to pay double in customs duties :) ... but then one day the universe miraculously conspired to bring it to me!

I bought my first second-hand hip seat from a lovely mother of 2 who bought it in the UK and swore by it saving her back. It was quite a rudimental model and its name was quite odd: 'Easy Rider', but it worked a charm nonetheless.

A month later, while making nappy cakes for my friends' twin babyshower, I accidentally sliced my right thigh open to the bone with a blade cutter and had to undergo surgery to repair severed veins and muscle ligaments. I apparently missed my arterial vein by less than half a centimeter... phew that was a close one... jokes aside; it was rough (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!).

It took me 3 weeks to get back on my feet, limping without crutches, and 14 to fully recover. My hip seat came to the rescue yet again! As full time working parents, with parents that live far away, we are our son's sole caregivers.
I would have never managed to pick up my son on my own from crèche without it, and it enabled me to take strain off my husband having to take off work to fetch him.

Taking on parenting, together with all the responsibilities we already had was overwhelming to say the least. Trying to manage to keep it all together - washing bottles, cooking, taking our dogs out for walks and keeping our home in order, can be very difficult; so I have always tried to find the most convenient ways to mark off the never-ending to-do list. 
Our flagship product, the Hipporoo®, was born out of wanting to share this amazing accessory with parents in South Africa.

Why the name?

Our name and trademark came from a combination of 3 simple facts - because "all good things come in 3s":

1. The [Hippo] is native to Sub-Saharan Africa and carry their young on their backs in deep water. We believe hippos have not been given the attention they deserve, due to not being regarded as part of "The Big Five" and really want to improve their exposure;

2. The [Hip] Seat on our baby carrier is its distinguishing feature and is the very first to ever to launch in South Africa!
3. Kanga[Roo]s carry their joeys in pouches and ours is best worn in this position, as it best reproduces the m-shape position recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

There are many different models of hip seat carriers available on the international market, but I looked hard and long to source the very best. I wanted something robust, with perfect stitching and accessories, so I worked with an internationally certified BCIA ("Baby Carrier Industry Alliance") manufacturer to come up with the perfect solution... Drum Roll... Tadaaaa:
With 10-in-1 carrying styles, the Hipporoo® grows with your baby from newborn to 36 months. It has a maximum weight capacity of 15 kgs, and therefore caters for toddlers like no other baby carrier on the market. Wraps and slings are great for different stages in your baby's development. I imported and tried over 20, but found that purchasing different products to cater for my baby's growing needs was very expensive. The Hipporoo® however, will carry you and your baby - excuse the pun - through all the years: it is the height of babywearing evolution!

Have you purchased your Hipporoo® yet? If not, what is holding you back? We love receiving constructive feedback as we continuously strive to improve our product range - please feel free to leave your comment below:

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