I bought the Hipporoo 10-in-1 Baby Carrier almost a year ago and started using it a few months after our son was born. It has a very well thought out design and very versatile. Love it. The 5-in-1 detachable hip seat is excellent and comfortable. It almost feels therapeutic because it straightens my lower back and makes it a relaxing experience carrying the little one.

Alex Mkama


I love supporting small businesses, but love it even more when I receive a great product together with great service and this is everything Hipporoo offers. My arm can finally relax now that I have my Hipporoo for this happy chunky baby!

Taryn Dekel


I had my reservations about investing so much in a carrier, but finally took the plunge and all I can say is WOW! Worth every cent! The shoulder straps are heavily padded and so lightweight, the design distributes baby's weight on the waistbelt so well (which is also heavily padded) making the inward facing option so much more comfortable than other carriers where most of baby’s weight is carried on my shoulders. Slipping over into a back carry is super simple, starting with a normal front carry which is great, then just sliding the hip seat around to the back with baby safely strapped inside! I never had the courage to put my baby on my back with other carriers as I was too scared I’d drop her whilst trying to put her in! The hip seat attachment is fantastic as baby is secure whilst you attach or detach the carrier and it is a lot more comfortable for baby too.

Hadi Haswell


I just wanted to express my absolute appreciation and delight in the Hipporoo 10-in-1 Baby Carrier. I really wish that I had purchased it from the time my baby girl was born and not 7months later. It is the best thing I have ever invested in as a mother so far. I use the hip seat every night and it eases the 10kg weight on my shoulders and back instantly! But most of all, the Hipporoo has given my mum joy that she would never have experienced otherwise. She lost her entire right arm in a car accident a few years ago. Ever since my daughter was born, all she ever wanted was to carry her. Thanks to the Hipporoo my mum has been able to carry her and put her to sleep too. I am eternally grateful to you and your team.

Reyna Rambarun

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